Below are images from paintings in acrylic and mixed media completed in 2011, including their last exhibition location information (if available). To inquire on the availability of a piece, please send an email or visit the links.

If We Were Meant to Fly
acrylic, 16x20"
featured in Catapult Art Magazine Vol. 1 issue#10 p116

Bluebird's First Lesson
acrylic 12x16"
Women and Wanderlust, TheVenue OKC, OK

Anansi Becomes King
acrylic, 12x16"

She's an Odd Bird: The Black Swan
First Edition Cafe, OKC, OK

acrylic, 19x19"

She's an Odd Bird: The White Swan
First Edition Cafe, OKC, OK

acrylic, 16x20"

acrylic, spraypaint, liquid silverleaf, 16x20"

Ethicus Hospital, Grapevine, TX

Dans la Mer
24x36" acrylic

Cafe Nova, OKC

Sunbathing Mermaid
11x14" watercolor, tea, acrylic


Rajasthan Corridor
16x20" acrylic

Pride in Art, Istvan Gallery 

all artworks and images ©Amanda Christine Shelton, All Rights Reserved